With over 245 years of experience, our executive team provides leadership and guidance that empowers employees, provides the necessary tools and knowledge, and helps companies accelerate their growth.

Leo Denslow President & COO of MCG Civil Headshot

Leo Denslow, CEO

Chad Bakken CFO of MCG Civil Headshot

Chad Bakken, CFO

Brian Waters General Counsel of MCG Civil Headshot

Brian Waters, General Counsel

Adam Williams Executive Vice President Asset Management MCG Civil Headshot

Adam Williams, Executive Vice President, Asset Management

Laurie Morgan, Executive Vice President of Human Resources, MCG Civil Headshot

Laurie Morgan, Executive Vice President, Human Resources

Clint Eskridge Executive Vice President of Operations of MCG Civil Headshot

Clint Eskridge, Executive Vice President, Operations

JP Morgan, Executive Vice President of Estimating/Project Management, MCG Civil

JP Morgan, Executive Vice President, Project Management & Estimating

Chris Rooney, Vice President, Business Development, MCG Civil Headshot

Chris Rooney, Vice President, Business Development

Jeff Kohorst, Vice President, Enterprise Infrastructure, MCG Civil Headshot

Jeff Kohorst, Vice President, Enterprise Infrastructure

Tony Petrucci, VP Information Technology MCG Civil Headshot

Tony Petrucci, Vice President, Information Technology

Nick Turner, Vice President, Safety, MCG Civil Headshot

Nick Turner, Vice President, Safety

Michele Bilello, VP Talent Development & Organizational Excellence MCG Civil Headshot

Michele Bilello, Vice President, Talent Development & Organizational Excellence