Success isn’t just about money; it’s about sticking to our beliefs. Our critical success factors and values guide our team and our connections with clients, suppliers, and communities. By sticking to these principles, we’re ensuring our company stays strong, flexible, and ready for whatever comes our way.

Our Critical Success Factors

People are at the heart of everything we do and the most important asset of our company. We value, respect, and protect everyone inside and outside of the enterprise including employees, business partners, supply-chain partners, clients/customers, and our communities.
Commitment to safety tops our list of priorities. We strive to create a safe work environment for our employees, our partners, and the public at large. We leave the work area in good condition and practice environmental stewardship.
We agree to a price and work schedule that we can honor, recognizing that our partners make commitments based on our costs and timeframe. We aim to set realistic production rates and avoid compromising safety, quality, or care of equipment in order to meet a production schedule.
Proper Care of Equipment & Tools
MCG invests in and maintains the proper equipment and machinery required by the projects we undertake. We view the condition of our equipment as a reflection of our professionalism and consequently keep the equipment looking good and running smoothly.
Client Service
We are in service to the partners who put the success of a project in our hands. We strive to deliver each project on-time and on-budget, and we endeavor to uphold our professional obligation to our partner’s shareholders, business partners, and end users.
Quality is a given at MCG, from the smallest scope of work to general contracting an entire project. As masters of our trade, we perform our work in an effective, timely, professional manner and in compliance with the project requirements set forth in our contract.
  • Safety is at the top of this list for a reason. MCG companies are committed to providing safe working environments for our employees, clients, and the public at large.

  • We simply will not accept the notion that “accidents happen.” Accidents often occur because something is missed or overlooked, lack of proper training, a failure in proper execution, improper use of PPE, or a disregard for personal responsibility.

  • It is the most sincere desire of MCG companies to send our employees home every night to their loved ones, safe and healthy.

  • We also recognize a responsibility to our fellow citizens and our companies always endeavor to take reasonable steps to protect the public from any threat of harm that may be caused by the prosecution of our work.

  • MCG is committed to the success and well-being of our people.

  • We invest in ongoing training and development programs that empower our employees to enhance their skills, expand their knowledge, and grow both personally and professionally.

  • Our employees, business and supply-chain partners, clients and customers, and community feel welcomed, respected, and valued by our enterprise.

  • We actively engage with and give back to our community, strengthening our relationships with stakeholders inside and outside the enterprise.

  • MCG companies pride themselves in being masters of our trade. Our companies are contracted to perform work in a professional manner in conformance with the project requirements set forth by the contract.

  • Our companies will not sacrifice quality in anything we do while performing our work. The most effective way to protect and build on our companies’ well-earned reputations as outstanding contractors is to perform our work in an effective, timely, and professional manner.

  • Our companies recognize and strive to uphold MCG’s commitment to excellence whether performing a limited scope of work as a subcontractor or as a general contractor engaged to deliver an entire project.

  • MCG companies use all of our experience, knowledge, skill, and training to meet contractual obligations to deliver the completed performance or product as specified within the contract documents.

  • Our companies understand and appreciate the fact that our clients provide us all with the opportunity to make a good living at our trade.

  • The highest priority our companies have is to work diligently with clients to achieve a successful project.

  • MCG companies will strive to bring each project in on time and at or under budget in accordance with the contract. Our companies recognize and appreciate that clients have committed to significant financial obligations in order to build their project and they have obligations to their shareholders, business partners, and end users.

  • During construction, our companies are often viewed as a representative of the client, both to their ownership group and the general public. We will always be mindful of this responsibility and will always strive to conduct ourselves in a professional manner.

  • Our companies’ tools and equipment provide us with the ability to make a living at our chosen trade.

  • MCG companies will endeavor to acquire and maintain the best machinery tailored to the project’s requirements. The appearance and condition of our equipment is a reflection of our companies professionally and personally.

  • Our companies’ equipment represents a huge investment to our stockholders. As such, our companies treat our tools and equipment with the same level of respect and care as we do our personal belongings and property.

  • MCG companies expect and trust our employees to protect our investment in equipment by using it as it was designed and intended and to take good care of it.

  • MCG companies provide clients with a contract price and a schedule for our work. Our companies recognize that our clients have often made commitments to others based on those prices and schedules.

  • MCG companies cannot deliver a successful project and meet our financial goals and commitments unless we consistently produce at the prescribed production rates.

  • MCG companies will work as a team to help each other meet our goals. We can only and will always succeed as a team.

  • Our companies will never sacrifice professionalism, work quality, safety, or care of the equipment for production.

Our Values

  • We are always learning.

  • We work on developing ourselves and others.

  • We have pride and confidence in ourselves.

  • We are ambitious.

  • We surround ourselves with the best people.

  • We are innovative.

  • We strive for excellence.

  • We take pride in our work.

  • We are committed to being the best.

  • We are accountable.

  • We are trustworthy. We do the right thing.

  • We are reliable. We do what we say we’re going to do.

  • We build trust.

  • We build relationships.

  • We are empathetic.

  • We live by the 5C’s, collaboration, camaraderie, celebration, communication, and consistency.